I started my career in residential construction, spending three years building footings and foundations. Once I gained the skills and knowledge, I decided to climb out of the basement and expanded into the next step of residential construction, wood framing.

I spent four years doing wood frame construction, two of which were spent building all the wood structures for a large water park in the Ottawa area. The other two years were spent doing strictly residential construction with a crew of talented individuals with 40+ years experience.

Working with these individuals allowed me to learn many skills and gain important knowledge in wood framing. However, it was time for me to progress into a more meticulous side of the construction industry. I wanted to refine my construction skills with some finishing skills.

A door company approached me to come work for them as a carpenter and learn the door trade from some of the best in the city. With this company, I was learning installations, renovations, repairs on every type of building you can think of, including but not limited to stores, shops, government buildings, high rises, apartment buildings, airports, embassies, you name it!

We repaired/removed/installed garage doors, hollow metal doors, storefronts, rolling steel shutters, blast doors, acoustic doors, roll up doors, toilet partitions, floor grills, and dock-levelers.

After years of learning, I began as a lead hand technician with this company for my last 4 years. As a lead technician, I was responsible for performing repairs and installations of all types of doors all over the city. I became exceptionally good in Garage Door repairs and installations, as well as installing and repairing Hollow Metal Doors and Frames.

When I reached a power level of over 9000, the word got out of the great workmanship I provided. I began repairing garage doors and many doors for the communities around me. I started receiving phone calls from referrals for new customers who heard of my work.

Due to the amount of calls I received, I had to make a decision for my career; whether to keep working for this company or go on my own and attempt to start a real business. Well, as you can tell, I took the plunge and here I am writing an about us page! Does anyone even read this? I was told to do this because Google likes it.

I’ve been in business since 2018, installing and repairing garage doors with over 10 years experience. I’m very meticulous, precise, and efficient with my repairs and installations. For my repairs and installations, I use only quality parts you can trust.

For all you do it yourselfers, you will find the necessary parts,as well as kits, available from our Parts store. If you have any questions about the parts you may need, send me an email and I will help guide you!